Female Trump Supporters Are Mobilizing Volunteers In Florida

Female supporters of President Trump are mobilizing ahead of 2020.

Dr. Gina Loudon is a Florida co-chair of Women for Trump.

"The other side likes to say 'We're talking about women's issues when we say you have a right to kill your baby or you have a right to wear a pink hat.' Those are not women's issues to women on our side of the aisle."

She says women's issues include the positive economy she credits Trump for creating.

"We don't take for granted for one second that women's unemployment is at an all-time historic low under this president."

Loudon says the media would like you to think that women hate the president, but she says that's just not true.

"We've seen donations from women for this president go up exponentially."

Loudon thinks the impeachment proceedings will only benefit Trump by showing the Democrats in Congress are doing nothing for Americans.

"The Democrats have set a horrible precedent that from now on I think most presidents will be impeached, and that's the tradition that the Democrats have set up. And I don't think this will bode well for them."

She says her fellow female Trump supporters will show up for him at the polls in 2020.

Dr. Loudon was in Palm Beach on Friday for a Women for Trump roundtable and training for volunteers who will be out engaging voters for President Trump ahead of the 2020 election.

Image: Women For Trump/Facebook

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