Former PBSO Employee Cites Preferential Treatment For Jeffrey Epstein

As the feds investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, a former employee of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says Jeffrey Epstein was given preferential treatment while serving time on work release in 2008.

Teresa Cook worked in Corrections Support Personnel while the financier was housed in a dormitory at the county Stockade.

She says, among other things, Epstein was allowed to walk around freely, sometimes naked.

"He was treated like he was a celebrity. I saw lieutenants stand up and look this man eye-to-eye and talk to him. They cussed other inmates out. I'm like 'Wow! Must be the money'."

Cook tells CBS 12 that employees were not told why Epstein's cell was to be kept unlocked.

The Sheriff's Office only confirmed that Cook was an employee, but wouldn't comment further citing the FDLE investigation into the work release program.

PBSO is also conducting an internal review.

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Photo: CBS 12


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