Alleged Mar-a-Lago Trespasser Allowed To Represent Herself At Trial

Chinese Woman With Malware Nearly Breaches Security At Trump's Mar-A-Lago Resort

A federal judge says a Chinese woman accused of illegally gaining entry to President Trump's Palm Beach estate can represent herself at trial.

Judge Roy Altman has granted Yujing Zhang's request to serve as her own attorney, but he called it a bad decision on her part.

The 33-year old Chinese national appeared in a South Florida federal court room Tuesday. The judge asked Zhang if she understands how a trial works to which she said in English "I can work it out."

Zhang's court appointed public defender testified that she believes Zhang made the decision rationally and competently.

A psychologist last month determined the woman is competent to represent herself.

Zhang was arrested on charges of trespassing and lying to Secret Service agents after the incident at Mar-a-Lago last March, during one of the president's visits.

Zhang was found carrying four cellphones and a hard drive containing malware. A search of her hotel room turned up several USB drives and a device that could be used to detect hidden cameras.

Photo: Getty Images


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