Caída de rayo en playa Siesta Key mata a una persona

Actualmente sigue la investigación ante la muerte de una mujer que fuera impactado por un rayo en plena playa de Siesta Key. Según informes, el incidente sucedió en la zona costera del bloque 6000 de la calle Midnight Pass a eso de las 2:15 de la tarde del domingo. Los salvavidas y paramédicos rescataron al sujeto quien fue declarada muerta al llegar a un hospital cercano del lugar de los hechos. 

La intensa tormenta del domingo cautivó a muchos usuarios de Instagram quienes captaron decenas de imágenes del fenómeno atmosférico. 

Marveling at this truly spectacular shot by Sarasota local @djwcphoto 🌩🌩 Shot taken off Bird Key Park. Give him a follow + check out all his amazing photogs and adventures 📸 ・・・ "The Moment Everything Stood Still" ⚡ Photo: Dylan Jon Wade Cox (Image Best Viewed in Full Screen) A huge positive lightning bolt makes a direct strike on a boating marker in the bay 100 yards off the shoreline while a boat passes in the background. - Bird Key Park - Sarasota, FL - June 24, 2018 - 2:00:41PM Behind-the-Scenes Story: Just WOW! OMG! This was the closest big positive lightning strike that I have ever captured or even experienced. You can see the lightning strike pulverizing the boating marker with direct hit. This is one of the purest forms of power produced by Mother Nature captured on camera. Definitely 1 of the best photos of my life. What do you think?! Camera settings: Camera: Nikon D500 Lens: 16-80 mm f/2.8-4 Shot at 40 mm Exposure: Manual exposure, 1/200 sec, f/8, ISO 160

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Downtown Srq last night ☔️💦 #srq#sarasota#siesta#siestakey#f4f#f4follow#follow#news#rainy#rain#storm#ink#inked#inklife#tatts#tats#10#100#bay#downtown#dt#black#skies#sky#woah#notmine#crazy#clouds#home#lit#news

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I just read that someone got struck and killed by a lightning bolt in Siesta Key today, which is about an hour South of us. 😢 As fascinating as those thunderstorms are - nobody should be out at the beach when they happen. I’ve seen 23 lightning bolts in 5 minutes today. NO JOKE! Florida weather can be dangerous. Please don’t underestimate it! 🙏 . . . . . #floridaweather #thunderstorm #lightning #dangerous #warning #stormchaser

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